Minicube64 is a fantasy console style emulator based on 6502, with the intention of helping people learn how games were made for older systems such as Atari 2600, NES or C64, but without many of the more difficult hardware restrictions.
As it is based on 6502, Minicube64 follows the same rules, directives and instructions that are common to those systems.
Check out the aeriform Discord for updates and discussion https://discord.gg/y33Gthd
For more information and a guide on how to get started with 6502 check out https://skilldrick.github.io/easy6502
Originally developed by MonstersGoBoom as a joke lowrezjam entry.
Minicube64 is built on Fake6502 by Mike Chambers. NES APU by Matthew Conte 6502 Assembler by Loopy SOKOL Audio by Andre Weissflog and the MiniFB team.
Last modified 2yr ago