Survival Guide

DISPATCH Game Instructions (WIP 202001240101)


Restore power to the ship in order to access FLIGHT RECORDER DATA from the central computer "ANGEL", and escape, alive.

The first player to reach the AIRLOCK with the FLIGHT RECORDER DATA, or the last player to be killed, is the winner.


At the start of a new game:

  • Each player places their token in INNER HATCH/AIRLOCK

  • Each player takes their ACCESS CODES card in hand

On each player's turn they may do one or all of the following, in any order (except PLAY):

  • MOVE to another adjacent ROOM

    • If a ROOM has not been discovered:

      • Place one ROOM tile card from the deck next to the previous room

        Connect in the direction any arrow indicates so that lines connect

        Orient the new ROOM tile as needed

        Take a STATUS card

    • Each player may move two adjacent discovered rooms if no other actions are done that turn.

    • If carrying the FLIGHT RECORDER DATA a player can only move one room and must take a STATUS card after moving.

  • SEARCH current ROOM (take one STATUS card)

  • PLAY one STATUS or ITEM card from hand. Playing a card is the end of a turn.


‌STATUS are cards that are taken when a ROOM is searched.‌

Unless a STATUS card says to be played immediately, it may be held and played when the card indicates. When a STATUS card is played, whether optionally or immediately, it counts as the end of your turn. Discard the STATUS card after it has been played.

When a card is played or discarded, it is placed on the discarded pile.

If there are no remaining STATUS cards to take:

  • Shuffle a new deck.

  • Place a FIRE token in ENGINEERING, or the next adjoining room not currently on fire.


There is an unexpected temporary power failure, in the darkness you try to find somewhere to fix this, but become lost.

Play immediately. Each RUNNER may move an opponent to any room not currently on fire.


Play immediately. You are BLEEDING. You must reach MEDICAL within 8(eight)turns, or lose the game. Begin on your next turn. SYSTEMS ACCESS cards cannot be played. If another BEAST comes into play while BLEEDING, you lose the game.‌


Play immediately if not carrying PORTABLE STORAGE UNIT Prevents BEAST attacks while in hand. Prevents BROKEN SPIRIT while in hand. Cannot be discarded while in hand.‌


Play immediately. Place a FIRE token at this location or next adjoining room not currently on fire. No STATUS cards can be played at this location until the fire is out. If every room is on fire, the game is over.‌

Moonlight Requisition

Play optionally on your turn. You may take an ITEM card from the deck. An ITEM in hand can be discarded to take another.‌

Scuttle Procedure

Key Card

Play optionally on your turn. Allows operation of systems in REACTOR CORE, ANGEL and AIRLOCK.‌


Broken Spirit

Play immediately. Place a GRAVE token at this location if not already. Discard one ITEM card in hand. Return to previous adjacent room. No STATUS cards may be played in this room.‌

Emergency Bypass

Play optionally on your turn. You may move one additional adjacent room this turn.‌


Play optionally on your turn. You may see the next STATUS card in the deck.

Holding Capacity

Play optionally on your turn. While in hand you may keep one more additional ITEM card in hand.

Hull Breach

Play immediately. Remove any FIRE or GRAVE tokens at this location. All RUNNERS in this room must skip a turn.‌

Inside Intel

Play optionally on your turn. You may see the entire hand of one other RUNNER.‌


Play at any time. ACCESS CODE cards cannot be played this turn. A RUNNER of your choosing must discard SYSTEMS ACCESS.‌

Reflex Action

Play optionally on your turn. You may play two other cards currently in hand this turn.


Play optionally on your turn. You may shuffle and search the ITEM deck for a desired card and move it to the top of the deck. You cannot see more ITEM cards than the current number of discovered rooms.

Security Lockdown

Play optionally on your turn. All RUNNERS in a room of your choosing must skip a turn.‌

Structural Analysis

Play optionally in SCIENCE LAB while RELIC is in hand. Abilities of the RELIC card may now come into play.‌

Transient Amnesia

Play immediately. Discard any one STATUS card in hand.

Unexpected Behavior


‌ITEMS are cards that each player holds when one can be taken as the result of a MOONLIGHT REQUISITION or SYSTEMS ACCESS.‌

Only one ITEM may be kept in hand unless another card indicates otherwise.


Play only in REACTOR CORE with SYSTEMS ACCESS MAIN POWER is restored and ANGEL can be accessed. Flip all RUNNER tokens.‌

Fire Suppressor

Abilities become active while in hand Ignore the FIRE token at this location.‌

Portable Storage Unit

This ITEM card does not need HOLDING CAPACITY. Cannot be dropped while FAMILIAR is in hand.‌

Proximity Sensor

Abilities become active while in hand Remove any GRAVE token from the room you are present. Ignore GRAVE token if present. Prevents BEAST and BROKEN SPIRIT while in hand. Prevents BROKEN SPIRIT while in hand. Prevents BEAST attacks while in hand.‌

Trauma Kit

Play only if bleeding. You are no longer BLEEDING. Discard and do not return to ITEM deck.‌


‌Prevents BEAST attacks while in hand. Play only after analysis in lab once per game. Place RELIC token at desired location. May be played to teleport back to where RELIC token is located.‌

Hard Reset

This card is kept separate from the STATUS and ITEM decks and played in an emergency.

Play only once per game at any time. Return to AIRLOCK. Discard all cards from hand.

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