Graphs provide an at-a-glance progression bar of your project at all times. It sits at the top of each Collection below the title as a coloured line.

Hovering the mouse over it will expand the graph. As you can see the Graph shows a percentile representation of the Collection. From here you can hover over each segment of the Graph. This will give you a report of the percentage, and number of Items in that segment.

You can pin the Graph open by right clicking.

Filtering and Sorting

With the Graph we can use it to filter and sort items in various ways.


Clicking on one percentile group will focus it, hiding any other states. This is useful for prioritising certain tasks by temporarily hiding others. Click again to remove the filter.


Items can be filtered out by state. This is useful for temporarily hiding types of Item that you don't need to see. Alt + Click on a graph segment to hide it. Click again to unhide it.


Items can be sorted by priority too. CMD/Ctrl + Clicking on a Graph segment to change the sorting order, but cannot be undone.

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